The Michigan State University Museum boasts a collection of over 3,500 items of historical clothing and accessories worn by men, women, and children, reflecting a range of Euro-American styles worn by Midwesterners in the 19th and 20th centuries. Included are shoes, hats, neckties, gloves, stockings, handkerchiefs, shawls, capes, muffs, aprons, sashes, belts, and collars. The clothing collections also include many items related to contemporary ethnic celebrations and traditions (i.e., wedding dresses, a birthday celebration court robe belonging to Emperor Dao Guang of the Ch’ing Dynasty, a quinceañera dress made by a Mexican American woman from Detroit, embroidered/appliquéd collars made for a jacket used in a Hmong funeral, and t-shirts produced for African American family reunions). A group of over fifty examples of house dresses (including ones in the style known as Mother Hubbards) and other farm-related work clothing used for everyday clothing in the Midwest are significant as these types of clothing, unlike garments worn for special occasions or by noted individuals, have rarely been saved by individuals or institutions and thus represent a unique collection for research and education.

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