Shirley Wajda

Curator of History

Shirley Wajda has spent much of her adult life thinking and writing about the many lives of stuff—the objects humans create, buy, sell, and give, use and alter, save and destroy. Her interdisciplinary research work explores the ways humans understand their lives, their families, and their communities through material and visual culture. Whether a child’s handmade toy or royal scepter or a computer mouse, a physical object may be analyzed to explore how cultural meaning is created and reified, how social relations and social status are clarified and debated, how economies function, how knowledge is secured, exchanged, and distributed. With Helen Sheumaker, Wajda co-edited Material Culture in America: Understanding Everyday Life (2008).

Mary Worrall

Curator of Cultural Heritage 

Mary Worrall is Curator of Cultural Heritage at the Michigan State University Museum. Her research interests include quilts and quiltmakers, historic dress, museums and social justice, and traditional material culture. She is the Associate Director of the Quilt Index, an online, open access resource of data about quilts and quiltmakers. Worrall has served on the Board of Directors of The Quilt Alliance and the American Quilt Study Group.

Sarah Hegge

Textile Collections Consultant

Sarah Hegge has been sewing since the age of 4, and has worked with clothing doing everything from bridal alterations to theatrical costume design. Currently, she is working on earning a PhD from the University of Minnesota. She has already earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in Fashion Design, as well as a Master’s in Archival Science from the University of Michigan.  Over the Summers of 2016 and 2017 she has been conducting a condition survey of the MSU Museum Historic Fashion Collection. You can follow Sarah on Instagram as @SarahLikesClothes and Twitter as @SarahLClothes

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