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We’re Going to Need…

… more tissue paper, more boxes, more padded hangers, and more cabinets! On January 7, the MSU Museum’s Cultural Collections Education and Resource Center received 42 rolling racks and hundreds of boxes containing the Apparel and Textile Design Program’s (ATD) clothing collection. The collection’s move, funded by the College of Arts and Letters, inaugurates a […]

The Not Earmuffs

At present, the catalog records for the Historic Fashion Collection are less than perfect. Most of the records from the past 20 years or so are fine, but that only makes up a small fraction of the collection.  Most of the records were originally created as part of a physical card catalog.  These were then […]

Survey Reflections

This summer we started a condition survey of the Historic Costume Collection. Our aim was to get a clear picture of what we have in the collection and how much of that is in exhibitable condition.  An inventory of this sort has been needed for a while. It became a priority, however, when learned that […]

Saving the Imperfect Coat

The Condition Survey is a big project, but it gets done one item at a time.  Each item gets graded on a scale from A-F based only on the condition of the garment.  As much as possible, I try to avoid letting historical or aesthetic value into the grade.  Later, once we have a clear […]