Monthly Archives: June 2016

Up Cloche Extended!

Great news everyone!  Up Cloche has been extended through October 31st 2016! More information on the exhibit and related events can be found on the MSU Museum website here. Advertisements

The Dress With Many Lives

Fashion collections tend to have a disproportionately high number of garments intended for parties or other formal events.  We all love to swoon over a luxurious velvet or silk garment.  Everyday items also are less likely to survive, since in many cases they would have been worn until they were no longer wearable. This dress, […]

Saving the Imperfect Coat

The Condition Survey is a big project, but it gets done one item at a time.  Each item gets graded on a scale from A-F based only on the condition of the garment.  As much as possible, I try to avoid letting historical or aesthetic value into the grade.  Later, once we have a clear […]