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We’re Going to Need…

… more tissue paper, more boxes, more padded hangers, and more cabinets! On January 7, the MSU Museum’s Cultural Collections Education and Resource Center received 42 rolling racks and hundreds of boxes containing the Apparel and Textile Design Program’s (ATD) clothing collection. The collection’s move, funded by the College of Arts and Letters, inaugurates a […]

We’re Going to Need More Mannequins

MSU Museum’s historic fashion collection will be growing in the next year! The Apparel and Textile Design Program’s collection will be merged into the Museum’s holdings, creating a larger, more representative collection housed in optimum storage conditions. The collection will be made more widely available for research, teaching, and exhibition. The history of the Apparel […]

Bought, Binned, and Buried Clothing

This week brings interesting news articles about “fast fashion” clothing and its impact on the environment. The first explores the relationship between fast fashion, higher consumption of clothing, use of synthetics and chemicals, and the reliance of manufacturers on charitable organizations for recycling clothing: Alden Wicker, “No one wants your old clothes,” MSN Money, September […]